IMS - Insurance Medical Servcies

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IMS - Insurance Medical Servcies

Postby Guest » Tue Feb 14, 2012 2:07 pm

Has anyone ever did any work with this company? Their web site is

They left me a message to call them. I did, not sure how they got my info, but they wanted me to do exams for them and of course had a case that needed to be done. They did not have pricing right then so I said no until things are in writing. Waiting on pricing. When we talked on the phone they did not even want a copy of my phlebotomy certification or any other credentials? Not sure about this one.


Re: IMS - Insurance Medical Servcies

Postby Guest » Tue Feb 14, 2012 2:46 pm

Beware of IMS

by Cynical in Seattle » Tue Jun 30, 2009
I've heard from a bunch of examiners that this company is trouble. Everything from not getting paid to shorting them on pay to dragging out getting paid, etc. That they make offers for extra pay, mileage, etc. and then dispute that they ever made those promises. And even re-negotiating pay rates retroactively.

If anyone else has had experience with them, good or bad, please post and share with the rest of us. We ALL benefit from communication, especially when it helps us avoid working for dirtbags.

Re: Beware of IMS

by proexaminer » Fri Jul 03, 2009
I absolutely agree and have found IMS to be shady at every level. They make commitments they do not follow up on, and WILL DIRECTLY CONTACT THE ACCOUNT MANAGER ON ANY BUSINESS YOU HAVE THEM ASSIST WITH in order to try to take that business from you. After 10 years in the industry, I have never had a company so blatantly try to steal my business. I will never send business to this company to perform nor take business from them.

Re: Beware of IMS

by IMSParamedical » Tue Sep 15, 2009
Cynical: Please be specific of such examiners who had payment problems by our company and refer them to me, so I can make sure their concerns have been resolved if there were any. I appreciate you pointing this out, but please contact me so I can go over with you of the accuracy of what you are claiming. We have set pay dates and checks that are sent out regardless on those dates.

Proexaminer: We have a hands-off policy in terms of solicitation of agents of the business that is referred to us by our direct examiners. If you can email me at to let me know which agent of yours had been solicited, I'd be more than happy to rectify this concern for you.

Also, at times there is confusion of our company name with another company back east using IMS, however we do go by IMS Paramed and we're based out of Fremont, CA (just for the record) and we have been in business since 1993. I wish to resolve these matters rather than to carry them out further. I'm really thankful to the examiners who put their 100% on the job to get things done right.

If you have any concerns, please contact me directly.

Ph: 1.877.808.5533 x305

Re: Beware of IMS

by Cynical in Seattle » Thu Sep 17, 2009
There was no confusion with regards to which IMS was being referred to.

At the request of those who contacted me, I will respect their wishes for anonymity and will not divulge their identities. That said, this board does offer *some* anonymity so I encourage more examiners to participate. I also ask if anyone has the email addresses of those members from the former board to post them. We need to get those members back on board (pun intended) to regain strength in numbers.

How long you've been in business has no relevance (reference Portamedic and how many examiners claim to have been screwed by them over many years) to your integrity.

My opinion; if you make promises for pay rates, mileage, extra compensation, etc., you honor those without making examiners chase the money. It's a simple matter to list those things on the order and this applies to every PC. Examiners should do the same. Note the name of the person authorizing these things, the date, and the terms. It's in every examiners interests to protect their business and hold feet the fire.

Re: Beware of IMS

by emstek2 » Mon Sep 28, 2009
Its really sad that people out here have to always Degrade One company or another, for whatever reason, Anyway, im not gonna lock horns in here with anyone, im too immature for that. IMS has been a great company to me over the years, Bilal, and his staff have bent over backwards to help people with Billing, orders, etc, I got a chance about 1 year ago to meet all of them in Fremont, Ca . They treated me as if i was Family, Lets not be to hard on these people, because when all the Portamedics, Exam Ones,etc arent available to you, Your gonna come crawlin to Bilal and and asking for work! Cynical, ive seen you in many Chat rooms over the last few years, and everytime i see you, you always have something to say. Are you a Lawyer for Examiners? Do you feel the need to inform the Public of all the wrongs exam companies do? Or are you just a DearAbbey for all the lost souls out here that have nothing better to than follow what you say. Quite honestly, your not the examiner defender you claim to be. That being said, Stop criticizing a company that will, and has helped people in here with orders, when no-one else has had work.

Re: Beware of IMS

by Cynical in Seattle » Tue Sep 29, 2009
I wish you had seen me in many chat rooms, that would mean examiners are communicating with one another on a much larger scale which, unfortunately, doesn't appear to be true.

I do often have something to say and I do feel the need to share information, particularly when it comes to the wrongdoings of any entity that harms, or threatens to harm, examiners. I don't claim to be an "examiner defender" but I do think twenty years in this business more than qualifies as sufficient experience to advise, opine, or otherwise get involved in the affairs that concern my livelihood.

I think that sharing my experiences can be valuable to many examiners, especially the new ones. The same is true of other examiners, even you. New examiners are the ones who shape the future of this industry and who, without knowledge, can have a tremendously negative impact on all of us if they're swimming around blind. There are reasons why there is such a high incidence of turnover in this business and most of them are not happy, sunshiny reasons.

It's great that you haven't had any negative experiences with IMS but others have and I'm willing to speak for anyone who is fearful of the repercussions that may result if they do so themselves. As is frequently said on message boards, you don't HAVE to read things you don't like. That said, I will disregard your order to cease and desist criticizing. We all have the right to speak here, just as you did and just as I will continue to do.

Re: Beware of IMS

by SabrinaKen » Fri Nov 06, 2009
IMS is a great company to work for, I have also got my pay ontime. I've work with the IMS in Fremont, CA. ( good people @ IMS, Bilal and Vivian Woo)

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